Fundraising to support Mr. Bio and his children Nana and Ode Bio.
Mr. Bio is a skillful and hard working maison and a carpenter resident in the location of the East Legon in Accra- Ghana with his family. At his interview by the Army of God International Gospel Centre  missionaries sent to the area in August 2013, Mr. Bio narrated his tragic and sad story. He told the Missionaries that he sadly lost his beloved wife five years ago; exactly two years after the Death of his wife, his elderly son also died. One year later, he lost all his jobs and felt sevierly sick, now he has lost his eyesite too. Contenuing his story, he said, exactly two years after the Death of his elderly son, his other son ; Nana, the only bread winner let in the family also got involved in a lorry accident, got his left leg bone broken and instantly lost two of his friends with whom he went out that faithful morning  during a national election protest. Now, Ode was crying for hunger; it was about 1:00PM Now, there was no food in the
house to eat and no hope that someone was going to provide them food for that day. Nana had no insurance to cover his treatment and there is no abled to do person in their extended family too. Mr. Bio is now old, blind, generaly sick and lives in an uncompleted building with his miserable remaining children.

​This is a true story: The Army of God IGC do not fabricate or publish any mere hearsay without a concrete evidence.
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